Are You Worried About Your Child? Signs They Need A Psychological Evaluation

If your child is exhibiting signs that you don't understand, it's time to talk to their doctor. Sudden changes can be a sign that your child is dealing with mental or emotional problems. If that's the case, a psychological evaluation can help identify the problems. A lot of parents don't know when their kids need psychological services. If you're in that category, read the list below. If you recognize any of the issues described here, schedule a psychological evaluation.  

They're Showing Behavioral Changes

If you're worried about your child's psychological well-being, watch their behavior. It's not uncommon for a child's behavior to change from time to time. They may change the music they listen to. Or, they may change the way they dress. Those changes usually relate to normal development. But, some behavioral changes are cause for concern. If your child's sleep habits have changed, or you've seen a drastic change in their mood, talk to their doctor right away. A psychological evaluation can help identify the cause of the changes. 

They've Withdrawn From Activities

If your child has withdrawn from normal activities, don't wait to get help. Withdrawal from activities can be a sign of emotional or psychological distress. This is especially true if your child used to enjoy an active social life. If you notice that your child no longer participates in family activities, watch their other activities. Has your child dropped out of social groups and stopped associating with long-time friends? If so, arrange for a psychological evaluation. 

They've Become Self-Destructive

If your child has become self-destructive, there's cause for concern. Self-destructive behavior is a cry for help. Self-destructive behaviors can include drug and alcohol use. But, self-destructive behaviors can also involve cutting and burning. If your child has started abusing drugs or alcohol, or they have fresh wounds on their body, get immediate psychological help for them. A psychological evaluation can get your child the treatment they need. 

They're Struggling in School

If you've noticed changes in your child's school performance, now's a good time to talk to their teacher. Teachers can provide insight into your child's behavior. Your child could be struggling with a new educational concept. Vision problems can also cause performance issues in school. If those issues don't seem to be the problem, you need to get a psychologist involved. An evaluation will show if your child is dealing with psychological issues that affect their school performance.

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