3 Reasons To Consider Open Adoption

Years ago, when you put your baby up for adoption, you would hand them off to their adoptive parents and never have contact again. This has changed. Although some people still opt for this sort of adoption, which is known as a closed adoption, more and more birth parents are choosing what is known as an open adoption. If you're considering adoption for your own child, you should know that there are a few benefits of choosing an open adoption.

1. You may deal with less separation anxiety.

Most birth parents feel that one cannot fully appreciate the instant bond a mother feels with her baby until it is born. Separating from your child can be heartbreaking and can bring a lot of anxiety, even if you know that this is ultimately what is best for your child. When you choose an open adoption, knowing that you will see your child again can help reduce this anxiety and keep it more manageable. Giving your child up will probably still hurt — but the hurt will be less. You can move on with your life sooner and more easily.

2. Your child will know where they came from.

When you choose a closed adoption, you may always find yourself wondering what the adoptive parents chose to tell the child about you. You might wonder if the child was ever even told that they were adopted. On the other hand, when you choose an open adoption, you know for certain that your child will know you exist and that they will come to learn a bit more about you as they grow up. This can be easier on the child, and it's easier on you.

3. You can get to know the adoptive parents better.

In most cases, you'll want to get to know the adoptive parents at least somewhat before agreeing to let them adopt your baby. But you can only get to know someone so well within the few months that you're preparing for birth. When you have an open adoption, you will continue to meet with or at least exchange messages with the adoptive parents, so you should continue to get to know them better and better as time passes. This will help reassure you that your child is in good hands.

Open adoptions are on the rise, largely for the reasons listed above. To learn more, talk to the adoption agency who is overseeing your case.

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