Child Counseling Myths Parents Should Avoid Believing

The mental health needs of children can be surprisingly complicated. For parents that are misinformed about these needs, it can pose a serious complication as the parent may not be able to effectively meet all of their child's basic needs.

Myth: Only Children That Have Been Through Traumatic Experiences Need Counseling Services

Mental health counseling is one of the least understood aspects of caring for children. Many new parents might assume that only children that have been through traumatic experiences will benefit from receiving mental health counseling services. Yet, there are many anxieties, depression, and other types of mental health issues that can impact a child. For these children, counseling services can be essential for allowing them to overcome or learn to cope with their mental health condition.

Myth: Counseling Will Always Result In The Child Being Put On Medications

Medications can be an integral part of your child's mental health treatments. However, the first goal of a counselor is not to put your child on medication. In fact, many of these professionals will not be professionally able to prescribe medications. Rather, the goal of therapy lessons is to help the child to overcome their issue without the use of these substances. If the child is failing to show sufficient signs of improvement, the counselor may recommend the child be evaluated for medications.

Myth: A Child Will Always Need Counseling Services Once They Start Getting Them

There are some children that may require ongoing or otherwise lengthy counseling services. However, many children will be able to quickly grow out of their condition with the help of a professional counselor. For children that will require ongoing treatment, the purpose of these sessions is to help the child develop coping skills, thought processes, and other abilities that will give them the upper hand in controlling the symptoms of their condition. Furthermore, children that require this level of counseling likely suffer from a particularly serious problem. As a result, they may benefit the most from this type of therapy.

Myth: Schools Will Provide Sufficient Counseling

Schools will typically have a counseling professional on staff to provide assistance to students. However, parents often greatly overestimate the amount of attention that the counselor will be able to give their child. In most instances, this will be limited to emergency counseling and referring students to professionals therapists. By appreciating the limits of this counseling, you can more effectively and efficiently tend to your child's mental health and well-being.

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